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Offering A Choice of Personal Property Services

Available in the Verde Valley Region of Central Arizona

  • Certified Personal Property Appraisal Services
  • Written Appraisal Reports
  • Verbal Valuations
  • Consulting for Estates & Collections
  • Verbal Valuation Clinics 

Barbara has relocated to the Verde Valley Region in Central Arizona which includes Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Cornville and Camp Verde. 

She is no longer offering services in the Southern California area.

Consulting Services listed above are available however,  

 she is no longer offering  Estate or Liquidation Sales.  

To help you navigate through the decision making process, Barbara has published a book: 

The Insider's Guide to Estate Sales: Observations from the Trenches.

The basic process of an Estate Sale is discussed along with important issues regarding contracts and expectations for all parties. 

The book is available in Print & Kindle Versions. 

Print Version has $10 discount coupon for Valuation Services! 

Customer Book Reviews: 

"This is a great book if you are planning an estate sale. It clearly explains the responsibility of the company and what you can expect in a contract. It's also good even if you just go to estate sales. Lots of tips of things to look for. Don't plan on an estate sale without this book." B. Velten

"I just finished reading your new book “Insider’s Guide to Estate Sales”. What timing, I’m about to facilitate one of my biggest estates and gleaned lots of wonderful information from your book. Thank you…" J Coffey

"Excellent guide for anyone who has to clear out a home, doesn't know what to do with grandma's possessions, or wants to know what services a professional Appraiser offers. Helpful resource index and a $10 coupon! After reading this book you will be able to make better choices about the type and amount of help you will need to liquidate your belongings." A. Wakinekona 

What is Personal Property?

Personal Property consists of antiques, collectibles or other items of value found in every household. These items include: Furniture, Artwork, Clocks, Appliances, Glass, Crystal, Ceramic Figurines, Pottery, Photos, Books, Fine & Costume Jewelry, Silver, Clothing, Textiles or Quilts.  

Why Appraise your Personal Property?

· Obtain adequate insurance coverage or to claim a loss

· Settle an estate for probate or divorce

· Equitable Division of Property

· Curiosity about the value

What does a Formal Appraisal consist of?

 · On-site visit to your home or business

· Examination and evaluation of each item

· Research and valuation of appraised items

· Written report with documented inventory

· Photographs of items

When requesting an appraisal the purpose must be clearly specified as the same item may have different values depending on appraisal use. Insurance values may vary from Estate Tax, Consumer Resale, Liquidation, Estate Sale, Equitable Distribution or Casualty Loss Values.

Verbal Valuations

Although not a replacement for researched appraisals, Verbal Valuations of your items are available for a reduced fee in the cases where a written report is not required, such as for Division of Property.

What is the cost involved for Personal Property Services?

Fees for appraisal, valuation and consulting are charged by the onsite hour or a specified amount based on the length of time involved. In some cases additional fees may be necessary for extensive research, unique items, large collections, use of outside consultants, court testimony or travel time.

Payment is due at the time of on-site visit unless other arrangements are made. 

What Licensing is Required?

There are no Federal or State licensing requirements for Personal Property Appraisers. 

It is recommended that an Appraiser be Certified, Complete a Formal Program of Appraisal Studies, and be Current USPAP Compliant.

Serving the following cities: Sedona Arizona, Jerome Arizona, Verde Valley Arizona, Clarkdale Arizona, Cottonwood Arizona, Flagstaff Arizona.